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 Forks Over Knives

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PostSubject: Forks Over Knives   Tue May 10, 2011 4:40 pm

Absolute rubbish. The movie has no merit or purpose beyond mere propaganda and trying to make people like Michael Moore thin.

We get it, eat more vegetables. But eat less meat and dairy (well actually, eat no dairy and meat) seems silly. The movie throws up statistics with more skewed bias than the federal government's invasion of Irag for WMD's. The movie appears to have been created from footage from the 80s, and edited in a buddy's garage. Very tough to stay awake through this "movie". In my row of viewers which I could see, 4 were sleeping. Granted some were a bit obese and they appeared to have run out of popcorn and interest in the film.

I encourage you to get this movie from a bit torrent site and then leave it lying around for someone to steal off your coffee table. Forks Over Knives will pull a courtesy 1 out of 5 Cyclones for at least focusing on something healthy.

-Jeremy Brickner Critic
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Forks Over Knives
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