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 Jobs, Money and Campaign...How Walker Cheated SEIU Local 1000 Members

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Jobs, Money and Campaign...How Walker Cheated SEIU Local 1000 Members Empty
PostSubject: Jobs, Money and Campaign...How Walker Cheated SEIU Local 1000 Members   Jobs, Money and Campaign...How Walker Cheated SEIU Local 1000 Members I_icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 4:47 am

Currently circulating statewide is an email that discusses a report posted by a group calling itself "Scoop Group". The report is posted on a union blog ( and alleges irregularities and the alleged tampering with ballots in the last union election.

We have received the following information that may be relevant to this report:


The check written by former SEIU Local 1000 staff person Cecilia Barr proves the allegation that Wendell Prude (an SEIU manager) solicits donations on behalf of SEIU Local 1000 President Yvonne Walker. You will notice on Cecilia's declaration that during the time the donation was solicited, Wendell did mention that he donated $5,000 to Walker's defense fund. This same donation was mentioned in the "Scoop Group" report.

Excerpt from "Scoop Group" Report:
"Area Coordinator for LA Wendell Prude wrote a check for $5,000.00 himself and many more thousands came in to Yvonne Walker whom spent the money on her new car as it was left over from the campaign."


The check from former SEIU Local 1000 staff person Theodros Gashaw was written directly to Walker. This is a violation of union rules. You will note that the back of the cancelled check shows Walker signed the check and appears to have deposited it to a Navy Federal Credit Union account. If you check Cecilia Barr's declaration, it mentioned that Wendell Prude originally wanted her to directly deposit the donation to a local Navy Federal Credit Union where it now appears Walker has an account. Ms. Barr and Mr. Gashaw worked in two different SEIU field offices and had no regular contact with each other. Mr. Gashaw was terminated from Local 1000 and alleged it was retaliation for reporting an unrelated matter. I parties later settled the case (I believe in Mr. Grashaw's favor).


This email was sent to several people (mostly SEIU field staff). It appears to show that senior SEIU staff is directly involved in helping Yvonne's campaign. Brian Schroeder is the head of "Talent Management" (Human Resources) in Local 1000. According to insiders, all the copies of the email sent to anyone in SEIU were deleted off the Local 1000 servers. They apparently explained it away by saying the email was a fake and that it may have been created by a former employee who had a grudge against Schroeder. At the time, the explanation made some sense. But now, with the "Scoop Group" report, it has taken on new meaning. By the way, in the email, it mentions some "newly agreed" salary increases for some SEIU managers. About a year ago, Local 1000 gave salary increases for most of the senior staff managers. At the time, they justified it by saying they wanted to retain talented staff. Some members of the governing board argued against it saying no pay raises were appropriate while our own members are under furlough. Care to guest who made the presentation about the pay increases? . . . Yes, Mr. Schroeder.


The "Scoop Group" report also mentioned something about "Phil", an SEIU consultant "stuffing" the ballots and those roughly 1,000 phony ballots were mailed in the last week of the 2008 election. The printouts of the ballot counts show around 1,000 ballots arrived during the last week of the election. As most in Local 1000 can tell you, our members generally vote during the first two weeks of the election. After that period, the numbers of ballots that arrive dramatically go down. There were also reports that about 100 ballots in DLC 747 (a local chapter in Solano County) that did not contain postmarks. Remember, ballots can only be returned by mail. When questioned about this, the election vendor mentioned that the ballots arrived by a FedEx or similar carrier. So, either someone did a great organizing job and convinced about 100 members to personally turn the ballots in to them or someone took the easy route and "voted for the members".

Excerpt from "Scoop Group" Report:
"Phil conducted a Hard Survey by having a reasonable {if we remember correctly it was about 1000} number of ballot return envelopes bar coded to be returned to a different address than the official Election Address Headquarters on Howe Ave in Sacramento. These Hard Survey ballots were returned to the CSEA Print Shop and placed in the regular mail for SEIU 1000 to pick up as was normal practice."

Martin and Chapman - handled the counting of the ballots (electronic counting machines)

Intraform - handles all the ballot management (receiving, sorting, opening, etc.) This firm also handles CalPERS elections.

Excerpt from" Scoop Group" Report:

"Fast forward to 2008 and we get an even more ingenious method of {fixing} the election. Rest assured the same method will be attempted to be used in this years {April 2011} election. Due to all the complaints of voter tampering, lack of security, no impartiality etc in 2005 as charged continuously by the various oppositions of the SEIU elections, such as Lyle Hintz, CSEA United, etc a NEUTRAL party was sought out. Enter the well respected companies of Intraform, Inc, Martin and Chapman, Inc. located at 1321 Howe Ave., Suite 200, in Sacramento. Certified by the Secretary of State and well known for their conducting of the state wide annual PERS campaigns. The most ingenious part about this "vote fixing" is that Martin and Chapman do not know it is occurring! They are simply opening the ballots and counting them!"
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Jobs, Money and Campaign...How Walker Cheated SEIU Local 1000 Members
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