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 Jumping the Broom

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PostSubject: Jumping the Broom   Fri May 06, 2011 4:30 pm

Was it worth seeing...yes and no. The story was typical and predictable. The maturity level of the movie was at about the junior high level. It was comparable to Something Borrowed, just a bit darker and with a different level of humor. Viewers get a standard script and a beautiful setting in the East Coast Vineyard.

Loretta Divine was superb in her standard role. Angela Bassett choked. The gentlemen were well rounded and enjoyable in their performances. This is a movie about social stratification (and upper class status shock) with some middle of the road fun tossed in for laughs. One lengthy wedding flick to sit through...

There is nothing too notable in this film. This review is about as stellar as the film. Laughs, gasps, and a bucket of popcorn are all you are going to get in the theatre. Don't expect any lasting memories. "Jumping the Broom" is best for college age adults and above. It will get 2 out of 5 Cyclones for a decent cast and some good laughs.

-Jeremy Brickner Critic

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PostSubject: Jumping the Broom   Mon May 09, 2011 4:05 am

I have to disagree with Jeremy's overall critique. I thought the movie was very funny and enjoyable. From the laughter of the crowd throughout the movie, I was not alone. What I enjoyed most about the movie was that it did not present a stereo-typical racial type of storyline with stereo-typical racial lines from the stereo-typical movies of the 70's. While the majority of actors were African American, I did not get a sense of this. What I got was a typical storyline of boy meets girl from two different socio-economic backgrounds and not that this was a Black movie. I liked that the storyline broughtout some of the same or similar moral upbrings that many americans share or experience regardless of color. I hope Hollywood continues to make these types of movies with diverse actors of all colors and backgrounds. I give this 3.5 cyclones out of 5.

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Jumping the Broom
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