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 RIO, the one about the birds.

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PostSubject: RIO, the one about the birds.   Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:55 pm

Booooo... Stay at home and rent Ice Age. Rio dragged through the mud and the 3D did little to nothing to enhance a boring movie.

Some of the potential enjoyment (of the voice-overs) were so small in the picture that was all we were left wanting besides our money back (even though is always free.) George Lopez, and others did well, but could not sell the dull story.

The kids love it because they don't really care what happens in the story. Just so long as animated objects don't die and there are colors, they are happy. In those terms, the movie met its purpose. Adults can bring a Kindle and read through the movie while the kids watch it, just make sure to remove your 3D glasses before trying to accomplish the reading.

Send the grandparents with the kids and get something else done while the kids are gone. This way you can enjoy the movie as much as the kids.

Rio pulls 1 out of 5 Cyclones.

-Jeremy Brickner
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RIO, the one about the birds.
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