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 Scream 4....finally?

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PostSubject: Scream 4....finally?   Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:54 pm

Scream fans, get your damned tickets! This is it....well maybe not. Having to wait a decade for the follow up was not the best marketing, but if you loved #1-3, then why not get some more from #4?? Yes, all the regulars are back, I think. If you know who did it in the others, you will figure this out before he,she,them is/are revealed in #4.

If you get confused between Stab movies, Final Destination movies, and Scream movies, you might wanna finda bridge to jump off of, because it doesn't get any easier to distinguish. This Scream-make/Shreek-quel is as good as can be expected. Viewers will laugh at the cheesy lines and actions. There are not many parts to make you jump out of your seat but that may be because you are making out, sleeping, or eating the popcorn during the movie. It is also a sad depiction of today's youth....

It is good and worth seeing. I loved it, but also have to acknowledge how the movie was intended. SCRE4M will pull 4 out of 5 Cyclones.

Mid-week afternoon press screenings just aren't as much fun or enjoyable without our 'Clones!!!!

-Jeremy Brickner Critic.
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Scream 4....finally?
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