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 Lincoln Lawyer

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PostSubject: Lincoln Lawyer   Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:53 am

The book is better than the movie. Matthew McConaughey is the lead and attorney Mick Haller in this "CSI" meets "The Client" tale meant for an afternoon showing at the old folks home on DVD ten years from now type of film. The book was good, but a bit slow. The movie was choppy at the start, but they are simply developing Haller's character. Be patient.

Let's get into the meat and potatoes of the movie. There are too many cases being tossed around by Haller, and yes, it may be true to life for an attorney, but much of the needed plot and story had to be cut for time. The cheesy courtroom drama and police interaction should have been countered by CSI's David Caruso, nothing would have made me more prepared. Ryan Phillippe and Matthew McConaughey would be better suited to a porn film than a blockbuster title (absent a stellar performance in Cruel Intentions.) They just can't seem to pull off serious roles.

The movie's twists and turns were true to the book and were done well on film. If you enjoyed any of the John Grisham books put to film, including, The Client, Pelican Brief, or The Firm, then go enjoy "Lincoln Lawyer." The movie will hit it's target audience well. It is a fun and simple film but if given the choice, save your money and read the book for a buck off the sale rack at the local book store. "Lincoln Lawyer" will pull 3 out of 5 Cyclones for the adaptation.

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Lincoln Lawyer
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