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PostSubject: Limitless    Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:32 pm

Good job on the film by director Neil Burger. This is an awkward film to make and it was done well enough so people felt obligated to talk throughout the movie as they grasped for understanding and clarity.

The acting wasn't key, it was the story that was unique and catchy. Take the NZT-48 pills (like Adderall) and get the neuro-stimulants flowing through the brain and utilize all 100% of your brain, as opposed to the standard 10-20% or whatever is supposed to be used.

We are taken for a ride with investing money, running from thugs, bagging the ladies, as well as the fallout from coming down from the drug. The story is interwoven in many clever ways, similar to Adjustment Bureau and Black Swan. There are those who need the drug, those who have experienced the drug, and those who have died from the drug. All their stories are unique and overlap at the same time.

The movie is enjoyable. It is rated R for language, drugs, and violence. There is action, love (shallow), suspense, and all things we love in a movie. It has a Matrix meets Adjustment Bureau coupled with Run Lola Run feel. It lacks a 5 Cyclone rating, but it earns a worthy 4 out of 5 Cyclones.

-Jeremy Brickner Critic
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