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 Hall Pass Movie

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PostSubject: Hall Pass Movie   Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:49 am

“Hall Pass” is a crude comedy by the Farrelly brother, set in current day suburban America. The lead actors are Owen Wilson as Rick, Jason Sudeikis as Fred, Jenna Fischer as Rick’s wife Maggie, and Christina Applegate as Fred’s wife Grace.

Rick is a realtor and Fred is an insurance salesman in the typical life of middle-aged Americans. They are both married and there are kids in the picture. The girls are frustrated with their husbands’ constant gawking at other women and indifference. The wives have a psychiatrist friend they work out with and she informs the ladies of the “Hall Pass” concept of allowing the men to have one week free from marriage and spousal responsibilities. The ladies let their husbands give it a try….enter classic Farrelly brother comedy. Days one through seven are spent in turmoil and awkward moments for all the parties involved. Is the hall pass more for the husbands or wives in the end? There is potty humor galore; enough nudity to satisfy both genders, and catchy terms used which will live on in infamy.

Day one is spent at chain restaurants filling up on junk food and becoming tired from the caloric intake. Day two is spent at a golf course eating brownies. The men spend day three working their new found pick-up lines at the local bars. Day four is spent sleeping (recovering). Day five is a failure at the local massage parlor. On day six the guys hook up with veteran mare-slayer Coakley, played by Richard Jenkins. Day seven is spent in the hospital meeting back up with the spouses.

The terms used in the film will be viral in social interactions for the near future. Without spoiling their use, keep an ear out for “Gawkers,” “Knight Rider,” “Spank Bank,” “Crawl-by” and others. The full frontal nudity was a bit shocking to some audience members. Married couples were heard squabbling during the movie and appeared to be living vicariously through the characters on the screen. The movie touched many relationship and comical chords.

Viewers beware that the verbal and visual humor is pushed quite far in “Hall Pass” and is not intended for a younger audience. There is a “Break Up” meets “Due Date” feel to the film. This movie has been done a half-dozen times over the past few years, just told in a different (more subtle) way. There was an abundance of LOL humor for everyone in the theatre. Remember to stay put through the credits for additional footage. After the screening, 9 out of 10 said it was an instant classic, the others said it was the worst thing ever put on screen. Just an offense to the humor I presume. Given the intended effect of the film, “Hall Pass” will earn 4 out of 5 Cyclones.

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Hall Pass Movie
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