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 The Fighter

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PostSubject: The Fighter   Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:51 pm

The Fighter

The Fighter is not just another boxing flick. The film begins in the mid ‘90s in Lowell, Massachusetts. The focus is on the life of Micky Ward, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. The drama, sport, humor, and family are like the four corners of a boxing ring which all come together well in this film.

The film begins with a casual interview of brothers Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund by an HBO documentary crew. The brothers are eager to show their small town and people to the crew. Some of Micky’s fights are reviewed and shown throughout the film. Dicky is proud of his worthy bout in the ring with Sugar Ray Leonard. This bout made him Lowell’s town hero. Dicky’s addiction to crack is clearly a hurdle for progress in the brothers’ boxing world. Micky’s struggle to balance his family and his boxing needs draws on the emotions of viewers and those in the film. The integration of the storylines and elements was phenomenal throughout The Fighter.

The various performances are diverse, and the characters mix it up dynamically throughout the film. Christian Bale submits an amazing performance from start to finish. Being able to see the real-life Dicky at the end of the film further reinforces Bale’s portrayal throughout the film. If Oscar nominations were given to Christian Bale for the role and to Amy Adams, Jack McGee, and Melissa Leo for their supporting roles, this critic would not be surprised. This is one of those films where anything is possible in the award department.

The film’s editing left nothing to be changed. The small town Massachusetts feel is present. These brothers are everyone’s heroes. The camera shots let us feel like we have been accepted into the community and are part of the intimate HBO documentary crew. . The movie’s pace is consistent, it never stood still. The cuts were neither abrupt nor faulty, and The Fighter’s continuity kept everyone in their seats, literally. Each role is unique, vital and distinct. The boxing scenes are mediocre at best, but it is not necessarily this action many viewers will be looking for, it is the story behind the participants and the outcome.

Not knowing what to expect from this film left viewers open-minded, entering the theatre. It was comparable to watching The Departed for the first time, relatively unknown. There was a hint of The Hangover with the drugs, characters and styles of humor. If you are a fan of any of these films, this movie will be worthy. This is the kind of movie you will see in the theatre and purchase on DVD. It will be watched and shared, over and over. Reasonably intended for mature audiences. Honestly gotta give this one 5 out of 5 Cyclones.

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The Fighter
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