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 King's Speech

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PostSubject: King's Speech   Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:32 pm

The King’s Speech

The film begins in 1925, with the introduction of the radio to England and King George V in power. The film progresses through Britain’s entry into WWII. The film has Colin Firth as King George VI (previously Albert “Bertie”, the Duke of York), Geoffrey Rush as (Dr.) Lionel Logue, and Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth. The movie is strictly a drama.

“The King’s Speech” begins with Bertie stuttering and the perception of the royal family’s prince. He is united with Logue, who is an Australian “speech defect” specialist. Elizabeth gets the speech therapy sessions going and makes the effort to help her husband overcome his lifelong speech issues. Logue uses unique methods to allow Bertie to cope with his impediments and apathy for treatment. Bertie’s older brother David is put into power with the death of their father, King George V. David is unable to continue with his royalty due to his affairs with a twice divorced American. He steps down and Bertie takes the title of King George VI. George VI is required to give speeches and war time speeches over the radio. With the realization that Logue is not, in fact, a doctor, there is brief turmoil about what role he should play in the royal family. Logue ends up coaching George and manages to get him through the arduous speeches.

Every actor is performing at 100% of their ability in “The King’s Speech.” There were smaller roles for Winston Churchill, family, and others in this film, but those who were needed came through for a miraculous film. Firth may not be unique in his ability to fill this role, but he does it as well as could be expected. Rush has a smooth sense of humor and humbleness about him with his part. The ladies in the film were more in supporting roles and did phenomenal.

Given the world’s affairs in this time-period, the writers were still able to give us plenty of humor. Not just British humor, but comments and actions which made the theatre erupt. The humbleness of Bertie was constant. His responses to and one liners (in response to Logue,) caused viewers to expect anything. There were life lessons along with the speech lessons. Don’t just go for the acting; go for the humor and realistic portrayal of royal and common people.

The theatre was over 80% full at 4:30 on a Sunday, with a majority of the viewers in the 55+ range. We may be tired of the flood of British royalty films, (does American royalty have anything worthy of Hollywood?) but this film’s ability to keep audience members glued to the screen for hours, with no fights, no war, and no love scenes, and no meaningful soundtrack means the writers did something amazing. The pages of notes and worthy details from this film are too much to list. The viewers were glued to the screen for two hours awaiting a nine minute speech! Enough said. This is a film aimed at the adult crowd. If you enjoy The Gathering Storm, Elizabeth, or The Queen, then this film is definitely for you. History buffs? Grab a seat and enjoy. The King’s Speech earns 5 out of 5 Cyclones.

-jeremy brickner
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King's Speech
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