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 >>>>>Voter Guide For Working Families<<<<<

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PostSubject: >>>>>Voter Guide For Working Families<<<<<   Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:39 am

We know that educating voters works—people who know about candidate positions on working family issues vote, and vote in their best interests. But we also know that too many potential voters can’t name the candidates, much less their positions on the most important issues of our time.

One of the most important proposition is Proposition 25. As most of you know, this has to do with the state budget. We should not let one or two elected officials hold the state budget hostage year after year while working families suffer. California is one of two states (along with Rhode Island) that does not have a majority vote on the budget. I am encouraging you to vote YES on Proposition 25 and NO on Proposition 26.

Please consider the following:

Jerry Brown

Gavin Newsom

John Chiang

Kamala Harris

Debra Bowen

Bill Lockyer

Tom Torlakson

Dave Jones

Barbara Boxer

Prop 20: Redistricting of Congressional Districts - OPPOSE
Removes elected representatives from process of establishing congressional districts and transfers that authority to recently-authorized 14-member redistricting commission comprised of Democrats, Republicans and representatives of neither party.
Fiscal Impact: No significant net change in state redistricting costs.

Prop 21: Vehicle Surcharge to Fund State Parks - SUPPORT
Exempts commercial vehicles, trailers and trailer coaches from the surcharge.
Fiscal Impact: Annual increase to state revenues of $500 million from surcharge on vehicle registrations. After offsetting some existing funding sources, these revenues would provide at least $250 million more annually for state parks and wildlife conservation.

Prop 22: Protection of Local Revenues from Raids by State - OPPOSE
Prohibits State, even during severe fiscal hardship, from delaying distribution of tax revenues for these purposes.
Fiscal Impact: Decreased state General Fund spending and/or increased state revenues, probably in the range of $1 billion to several billions of dollars annually. Comparable increases in funding for state and local transportation programs and local redevelopment.

Prop 23: Suspension of AB 32 Greenhouse Gas Regulation Legislation - OPPOSE
Fiscal Impact: Likely modest net increase in overall economic activity in the state from suspension of greenhouse gases regulatory activity, resulting in a potentially significant net increase in state and local revenues.

Prop 24: Repeal of Corporate Tax Breaks - SUPPORT
Fiscal Impact: Increased state revenues of about $1.3 billion each year by 2012-13 from higher taxes paid by some businesses. Smaller increases in 2010-11 and 2011-12.

Prop 25: Majority Vote for State Budget - SUPPORT
Legislature permanently forfeits daily salary and expenses until budget bill passes.
Fiscal Impact: In some years, the contents of the state budget could be changed due to the lower legislative vote requirement in this measure. The extent of changes would depend on the Legislature's future actions.

Prop 26: Increase Legislative Vote requirement from majority to 2/3 vote for fees - OPPOSE
Fiscal Impact: Depending on decisions by governing bodies and voters, decreased state and local government revenues and spending (up to billions of dollars annually). Increased transportation spending and state General Fund costs ($1 billion annually).

Prop 27: California Financial Accountability in Redistricting Act - SUPPORT
Eliminates 14-member redistricting commission. Consolidates authority for establishing state Assembly, Senate, and Board of Equalization districts with elected representatives who draw congressional districts.
Fiscal Impact: Possible reduction of state redistricting costs of around $1 million over the next year. Likely reduction of these costs of a few million dollars once every ten years beginning in 2020.
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>>>>>Voter Guide For Working Families<<<<<
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