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 Smoking should be banned in all interior public spaces

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Smoking should be banned in all interior public spaces  Empty
PostSubject: Smoking should be banned in all interior public spaces    Smoking should be banned in all interior public spaces  I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 1:42 am

Banning smoking in public places is an actual item. There are different opinions if a ban is justified or limit the freedom of smokers. The Governments of most countries made already the decision to ban smoking in all interior public places.

Smoking affects the health of everyone and in my opinion smoking should be banned in all interior public places worldwide. Banning is not a question of taking away someone's freedom; it damages also the health of non smokers.Everyone needs to visit public places for various reason. The ban of smoking in bars and restaurants is most discussed during the last years but there are still other public places where a ban of smoking is required. Shops, hospitals, workplaces, the station, the airport, the post office and many others are places we often have to visit and a ban is really necessary. This last category of public places is not real a problem anymore because it is already banned in most countries of the world.

I remember that many years ago smoking was allowed in certain parts of an aeroplane. I made a reservation for non smokers but just behind me smoking was allowed. I didn't feel me comfortable and my eyes were irritated and I had difficulties with breathing. The flight was really an annoying experience for me. Smokers were not happy when the ban was legalised but now, years after the ban, smokers don't discuss the ban in aeroplanes anymore and they still travel with an aeroplane.

Allowing smoking in public places is forcing the non smokers to passive smoking. This affects everyone's health and damages also the health of our children. For years, non smokers always needed to tolerate the unhealthy and unpleasant inhaling of smoke. A ban of smoking in all interior places changes this but smokers are in general selfish if you discuss the item of a smoking ban.

I agree smokers have rights too and smoking is no crime. A smoker can smoke in their house or they can go outside. The most discussed item of the ban of smoking is the one in restaurants and bars. Most smokers don't agree this ban but it is really necessary. Everyone has the right to dinner in healthy circumstances and nothing irritates a non smoker more than the smell and the breathing problems caused by these cigarettes. Providing different areas for non smokers and smokers is not enough because there is not enough ventilation. It is maybe possible to invest in a different room for smokers with enough ventilation and no chance exist that even the smell of these cigarettes comes in the restaurant or bar but most restaurant won't do that because the cost is too high.

However, the question: "should smoking be banned in all interior places public spaces?" is a debate topic; I tend to believe this matter doesn't need to be discussed. It is the duty of the Governments of all the countries in the world to limit the health risks. Smoking is the greatest risk factor for most diseases, especially cancer and heart diseases. A ban of smoking in all interior places will help us all.

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Smoking should be banned in all interior public spaces
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