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 From Paris With Love

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PostSubject: From Paris With Love   Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:48 am

A movie that's packed full of actions and shoot-em-up mayhems, but lacks an in-depth story that is expected of a spy movie. The plot runs on a "six degrees of separation" premies that takes the audiences from one group of villians to another within a blink of the eyes. The main objective of the story is not about US spies going up against international terrorist threat. Rather, it is more in line of taking Travolta's character from one group of bad guys, kill them all, then jump over to another group of bad guys and start blasting away again.

The worst part of the story was the ending. It was unimpressive and written as simple as possible just to finish the story. After nearly being killed on the highway by a vehicle coming head-on toward the delegate fleets and witnessing a rocket flying toward them, how is it that everybody just go about doing "business as usual"? People in the audience, you don't need to know how the terrorists manage to get a vest filled with C4 and who knows how many kind of metal wirings and electronic pieces around it through embassy got through okay? "Accept it so we can finish this movie."

Audiences can laugh to the raunchy comedy-jab dialogues and the attemps of Meyers' boring administrative character trying to be the tough guy and Travolta's unstopable super secret agent character trying to act as if everything is normal to him (stopping for a quick tea with the local right before going SWAT style through a 10-stories high apartment window).

Bottom line, a 1-hr 15-min adrenaline ride of nonsense violences, amateur drug highs, kick the guy when he's down raunchy humor and finish off with a 15-min downer time to calm your nerve before heading home.
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PostSubject: Re: From Paris With Love   Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:11 pm

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From Paris With Love
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