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 Tooth Fairy

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PostSubject: Tooth Fairy   Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:03 pm

With a "PG" rating, don't expect much out of the story since the target audience seems to be 10-year & younger. Parents would be safe to bring the little ones to this movie. The kids would have a blast laughing throughout the entire sitting, and the grown up would get some comical relieves. If you want a comparision, this movie has the same vibe as "The Santa Clause 3".....and I do emphasize the 3rd movie, not the original.

DA ROCK seems to try a bit too hard to be funny in this movie over the rest of his other works. Have to say, this is not one of his best job. All the fake smiles & "OHH YEEAAaaa" catch phrase just got over-used and ended up being stale fast. Still, it does its job to get the kids laughing....the adults are another matter. The adults will get a couple laughers out of the movie, but not as much as the kids.....or is it because the kids laugh louder than the adult because I heard them most in the theater.

Bottom line, a safe family-oriented movie that will get the kids believe in the tooth fairy again. Very Happy

That's my opion. Agree? Disagree? Write about it.
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Tooth Fairy
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