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 Book of Eli

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PostSubject: Book of Eli   Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:44 am

Too much preaching for my taste.

Action sequences were nicely choreographed. The humor was there, the drama was there, the philosophical dilemma was there, but in the end, the heavy dose of religion and “He’s the messenger of GOD so you HAVE TO believe that he can do what he did” make it less plausible, thereby unappealing to watch for a second time. One lap around the park was good enough, a second round would just be too tired.

Other people may like the movie, but I don’t enjoy sitting through a movie that tries to convert me. This is from a person that has some trace of Catholic in his blood already. Don't want to analyze too much into this movie since I sense a religious debate might errupt.

That's my opion. Agree? Don't Agree? Write about it.
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Book of Eli
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