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PostSubject: Daybreakers   Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:20 am

A new and welcoming concept to the Vampire genre. Throw all those magic & religious symbologies out the door. Vampirism is now a scientific biological disease. Around 2009-2010, people with terminal diseases like cancers, along with the rest of society, were given the choice to be turn into vampire and live forever free of fear & disease. So people, including kids, smoke it up like there's no tomorrow cuz no more lung cancer to worry about. Those who were turned ultimately control the world....the rest become livestocks. Blah blah can read the rest online.

The world in this movie has a sense very similar to Gattaca. I thought the concept of dwindling resources was well executed. Story was good, acting was decent, not much in the action sequences, but when there is one, you can be sure the blood will be spilled as much as possible. Similar to Gattaca, Ethan Hawke's character tries to fight the corporation and change societies' views of "second-class, inferior citizens". Man does it makes my eye twitch trying to accept the notion of a woosy, vampire-with-a-soul, saving the whole world.....kind of like "Angel n Buffy" Suspect. It's a brand new world for vampire fans now.

A good start to a whole new view of the vampire story. I enjoyed it just because it's a 180 degree turn from the standard old vampire movie, and the philisophical plot of disappearing resources. Be warned, the ending scene is very corny......"hero riding into the sunset" corny.
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