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 When In Rome - release January 2010

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PostSubject: When In Rome - release January 2010   Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:45 pm

So I skip looking at Full Moon to catch Rome one Rom/Action for a Rom/Com.

"When In Rome" is a typical Rom/Com movie with similar premises to all the other Rom/Com that had been made, somebody chasing after somebody all the while making hillarious mistakes. I'm not gonna bother retelling what the movie is all about since you can find that easily all over the web.

The story start off at a fairly fast pace as they try to spread out all the background info so you will be able to accept the story more easier & just to get the movie off as soon as possible. Try to bear pass this first part & the movie will get funnier.

Decent jokes & funny moments without the need to rely on toilet-hummor. Don't really remember any foul language nor any nudity scene being used so it should be safe for all family. There are a few cameo appearance from several comedians that you'd love to see again on the big screen, and they keep the laughter rolling.

I couldn't care less about the actings as this was a fairly typical Rom/Com, but it was all the hummors and laughter that keep me tune in to watch it through the end. A good date-night movie for those who are in the mood for l'amore.

That's my opinion. Agree? Disagree? Write about it.
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When In Rome - release January 2010
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