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 Screen being numbered

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PostSubject: Screen being numbered   Screen being numbered I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 9:01 am

At today's Green Lantern screening at Natomas they are numbering screen passes! Great move to curtail line jumping. First numbered pass get in fist and so on! FINALLY!!!

Don't try to number it yourself either, they have a special stamp that goes with the numbered passess!!!
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PostSubject: From Sacbee FB   Screen being numbered I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 17, 2011 4:29 am

J Kwong: Passes were numbered in the order people arrived. Each person were allowed two numbers. I thought it was done ok by the ONE person doing the line control/police. very little line cutting. some kid try to jump to the front and got send back. Also it was hot outside, people waited in the shade instead of the line. this lead to confusion but once people were told to line up by numbers, it seem OK. I like Regal Natomas


Thanks Allen for doing such a great job last night. You did really well controlling the line jumping by numbering the passes as people came in.
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PostSubject: Re: Screen being numbered   Screen being numbered I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2011 3:39 pm

Yes I agree that Allen did MORE than ONE person could do with NO help & is a VOLUNTEER helping where & when he can & is NOT tied to any Studio nor Company. He deserves more credit than he receives devoting his PERSONAL time doing what he LOVES to do with NO expectations in return from anyone for his time & effort.

However, I believe you were @ the front of the line & did NOT experience what I did in the middle of the line as I was #146. There was shouting & yelling from individuals near me using the profanity expressed in Celo Green's song & I believe most everyone knows that word. These vulgar comments were directed towards the two guys in Green Lantern costumes who I also know were just movie goers who just like Allen, was trying to get people in numerical order to make the scanning of the passes go easier & faster so everyone could get inside & out of the heat. There was line cutting as well, as people did NOT follow the number system, as some people just do not care for "order" & respect the time others have been in line & in the heat. I personally saw one lady in front of me with a pass with NO # written on it.

So what is the solution? I have my opinion but that is not important because just Like Allen & the other 2 guys who were TRYING to make the movie experience BETTER was also NOT important, as they did not deserve the lack of respect that they got, which in this case Warner Bros. & EVERY OTHER STUDIO needs to understand is that it is fine if they want to give out more passes than the theater holds but understand & be PREPARED TO DEAL WITH WHAT CAN & DID HAPPEN WHEN A SCREENING IS OVERBOOKED & DO NOT THINK ONE SECOND THAT JUST BECAUSE THE SCREENING IS "FREE", THEY LEAVE IT TO "CHANCE" THAT THINGS WILL RUN SMOOTHLY & EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE & THAT WE WILL FORGET THE NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES ONCE WE SEE THE MOVIE. As A parent of young kids who are the future movie goers, is this the example that we as "adults" in line set for them due to the lack of organization & staffing/security needed to keep things orderly & safe?

So THE REAL SOLUTION is hopefully someone IMPORTANT will react & do something to eliminate all the frustrations that we experienced at this screening & just maybe this will not happen again.

I apologize to Cyclone for expressing my experiences & thoughts here as it was a response to the previous post & is important to note to everyone reading this is that CYCLONE IS NOT IN ANY MANNER SHAPE OR FORM IS/WAS TIED TO THIS SCREENING OF GREEN LANTERN NOR ANY COMMENTS MADE BY ME REFERENCED TO CYCLONE.
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PostSubject: Re: Screen being numbered   Screen being numbered I_icon_minitime

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Screen being numbered
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