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 Buck - the mental health horse movie

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PostSubject: Buck - the mental health horse movie   Sun Jun 12, 2011 11:26 am

You have no idea how desperately I wish to criticize this movie, but I can't. The creator and Buck himself did a phenomenal job on the film. Yes, it is about Buck....the modern day horse whisperer, to put it bluntly, and the horses and people he works with.

The stories told make viewers evaluate themselves and it feels like a Dr. Phil session at times. We are forced to watch and learn about the horses and human behavior simultaneously. It is a grand experience. As I was reviewing the film I was frantically searching for flaws and praise. The praise section was extensive. The flaw column was trivial. Is the movie better suited for Lifetime or the National Geographic Channel, perhaps, but you will be glad you saw it. The concept has been explored and is not necessarily new, but having Buck Brannaman and director Cindy Meehl on hand at the promoted screening in San Francisco made us see that Buck is real. The man is genuine.

The drama was legitimate. It wasn't simply a happy story with horsies and cowboys. There was human trauma and drama. We see overzealous folks trying to do too much. We learn about the human behavior and the effects on the animal's behavior. Make sure you support this film and find some time to see it. Buck will pull 4 out of 5 Cyclones.

-Jeremy Brickner

Just a Critic
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Buck - the mental health horse movie
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