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 The Second Hangover

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PostSubject: The Second Hangover   Sat May 28, 2011 5:16 pm

They did it again. The follow up put a new spin on major motion picture humor. It would be nearly impossible to match the first, but it is well worth a trip to the theatre.

The boys in the movie are at each others' throats and wits' end again. They fight, joke, insult and enjoy each others' company as much as always. They enjoy the company of a drug dealing monkey who apparently loves the male anatomy. The monkey is easier to work with, but is tougher to appreciate than a tiger in the bathroom.

If you liked the first installment, Hall Pass, Bridesmaids, or any of the titles along this line, take the guys/gals and sit through this one. It is a duplicate of the first movie, just in Bangkok. You will laugh and shake your head (should i say turn you head?) throughout Hangover 2. Stay through the credits. Hangover 2 will pull only 3 out of 5 Cyclones, but definitely worth seeing, again.

-Jeremy Brickner Critic
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The Second Hangover
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